Living Out of a Suitcase: What to Pack to Make Your Business Travel Easier

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October 24, 2017 • Travel

Your first few months as a business traveler can seem exciting. Everything about your new job is adrenaline-packed and every aspect of it gives you a buzz. After a while, you start to concentrate on what really matters—the job—and the trimmings of travel begin to be a nuisance. Then all you ask of your airlines and hotels is that they get you to the right place and keep you comfortable with as little fuss as possible. It is all about traveling light.


Pack Smart

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the carousel when you are on a tight schedule—apart from losing your suitcase altogether. So avoid checked-in luggage if you possibly can. Pack carefully with the biggest carry-on case that will fit the airline’s requirements.

Make sure that all your electronic items are fully charged before you leave home.

Take the minimum clothing you can get away with. If everything you pack goes with everything else, you will find it easier to get away with one pair of shoes or a single jacket. Study the weather forecast and don’t take anything that you almost certainly won’t need.


Pack with Experience

It helps to know in advance about the facilities of your hotel and what is supplied for you. That way you will not take anything that you will expect to find there already.

Along with the business essentials, such as connectivity and flexibility, it helps to know that the lighting will be adequate to work by and that appliances like hairdryers, coffee-makers, irons, and ironing-boards can be supplied if not standard. All these will make your packing easier.

Sometimes it pays to stick with a particular hotel chain. For instance, a traveler to Dallas who knows the Marriott hotels might opt for the Dallas SpringHill Suites by Marriott. That way, they would have a mental checklist of what to expect.


Pack Personal

if you are traveling economy, there is always a chance you will get separated from your overhead bag during the flight, so make sure that you have everything you might need in your “personal item” bag. Along with your book and tablet, a good idea is to take a tennis ball to roll around your limbs and help your circulation.

Remember that delays, bad planning, or re-scheduling can mean you have to go straight from the airport to a meeting, so pack in your personal item those things that you might need to use before landing: phone chargers, analgesics, toothbrush and cleansing wipes could be essential, and think about a lint brush to smarten up your suit.


Travel Well

There are many tips that people pick up over the years to make business travel a bearable element of their work. Knowing how to avoid hassle is part of it, as is knowing how to make the hassle rewarding when it can’t be avoided. A good way to start is by focusing on the only aspect of the journey that is entirely under your control—deciding what goes into your bag.

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