How to make The Most of a Winter Break

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October 21, 2017 • Lifestyle, Travel

Going away during the winter is great fun. For some reason, it feels like more of an adventure than travelling in the summer does. Once you take one winter holiday, for sure, you are going to want to enjoy another.

However, making a success of taking winter breaks takes a bit of time and practice. There are a few potential pitfalls that you need to be aware of. To help you to avoid the most common mistakes that many first-time winter holidaymakers make, we have put together this short tips post.

Don’t be afraid of the weather

When you travel in the winter, you must not be afraid of bad weather. You need to accept the fact that the weather will be changeable.

If it is wet or cold outside don’t worry just wrap up and go out anyway. A good coat is a winter break essential. Provided you have one that protects you from both the wind and rain you will be fine. It does not necessarily have to be heavy and thick because you can wear layers of other clothing underneath it to keep you warm.

It is also worth investing in a really good pair of boots. Having cold or wet feet is a sure way of catching a chill and ending up in bed for part of your holiday.

Don’t be inflexible when it comes to your itinerary

When you travel in the winter, it is important to bear in mind that if the weather is not good some attractions will not open. Others may close early.  This means that you have to be flexible about your itinerary. Go with an open mind and be ready to change your plans, even at the last moment. Provided you have this attitude, you will enjoy yourself almost regardless of what you end up actually doing.

Be sure to choose the right location

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For winter travellers it is especially important to choose a destination that offers you plenty of different things to do. That way, if the walking tour you were planning to enjoy is cancelled all you need to do is to visit the art gallery instead. If you choose a location with a limited list of things to do and see, you will not be able to take this approach.

Don´t book before you have done some in-depth research

It is really important to do your research when travelling in the winter. Take the time to go online and check the winter opening times of the sights you would like to visit. Check out the weather averages and be sure to read reviews and forum comments written by other winter travellers who have visited that location.

Don’t necessarily visit at the busiest times

Even in the winter, certain tourist destinations can get extremely busy. For example, many large European cities hold huge Christmas markets, each year. If you do not like crowds, it really is best to avoid those cities during late November and the whole of December. You also need to be aware of local holidays. In the summer, if everything is shut, you can potentially spend the whole day touring the parks and monuments. In the colder months, this is a far less attractive option.

Where to find more information

Following the above tips will really help you to enjoy your winter break. However, should you still feel that you need a bit more advice about travelling in the colder weather you can find it here.


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