Online Gaming Vs Video Gaming

Online Gaming

August 14, 2017 • Travel

While some people categorise online gaming and video gaming as same, others treat them differently. These two forms of gaming are actually dissimilar. Online gaming is mostly about wagering funds on online games such as slots, poker and baccarat. On the other hand, video games are mostly about having fun, without any winnings, but just the satisfaction of getting to the next level.

Online Gaming

Online games are mostly about games of luck which might award you some big winnings. The online gaming world has known a great change since the introduction of the internet, as many online casinos have opened their virtual doors. On online gaming platforms, you can find different types of games which lets you place a bet, against chances to win bigger. Some of the online games you can find on online casinos are:

Slots Games– There are different sorts of slot games which you can online. These games consist of different paylines, various number of reels and unique symbols. For instance, if you are looking for a casino which offers variety, the best one is Magical Vegas. This online casino offers over 200 slot games which have been developed by well-known game providers such as NetEnt, Realistic Games, Microgaming systems amongst others. Some of the jackpot slot games at Magical Vegas that you can try are Colossus Fracpot slots, Champion Raceway slots and Lady of Egypt slots.

Table Games– Table Games have always been on the list of online players. Games like poker, blackjack, baccarat and poker which are offered online, can award massive winnings. You can also play some rounds of roulette games online.

Scratch Games– Some online casinos offer scratch card games. Just like the usual scratch cards, these games are online and need to be scratched to reveal patterns which award winnings. And, the scratch cards are as new after each round, with new opportunities to win.

Live Casino Games– Like the name suggests, some game can be played in real-time. Many online casinos offer live casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. These kinds of games feature live dealers who help you through the rounds, and keep the atmosphere relaxed.

Video Gaming

Video gaming has been a source on entertainment for forty years. The first video game created was known as ‘Pong’, but with the advancement of technology, hundreds of games were born. At first video games were mainly played on computers, but nowadays these can be enjoyed on either pcs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, Xbox or PlayStation. These games are a sort of escape from reality- it lets players move into a different environment, which is different from real life. While playing, players can enjoy defeating enemies and conquering different lands. Some of the best video games which have been released this year are Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Yakuza O, For Honor and Halo Wars 2. However, video gaming has been associated to behavioural changes in players- a few video gamers tend to be violent or withdraw from society at some point.


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