Pre-Flight Checklist: Things You Should Do

September 19, 2019 • Travel

Got a flight coming up? Spare yourself from headaches by being prepared. In this article, we’ll talk about the most important things you need to do or prepare before you head to the airport and board a plane, which will make your travels less stressful.

Reserve a Parking Slot

If you want to bring your car to the airport, it is best to reserve your LAX parking in advance. There are websites and mobile applications that will allow you to secure a spot, which is especially great during peak season when there is a high chance of not having any available parking space. Because your car is already at the airport, this also means that you can easily go home once you return.

To book your parking spot at the airport, check out

Weigh Your Bags

Especially for budget travelers, this is one thing that you should not forget to do before your flight. Pack light and smart to travel fast. Weigh your bags to prevent paying ridiculously high fees at the airport. If possible, pack only a carry-on. If you need more baggage allowance, pre-book at least 24 hours before your flight so that the cost will be cheaper.

Check-in Online

Most airlines will allow online check-in at least 24 hours before the flight. This is convenient since you won’t have to endure long lines at the check-in counters. This also allows you to choose your desired seat and make amendments in your booking, such as additional baggage allowance. 

Review Your Ticket

At least a day before your flight, review your flight ticket to prevent problems on the day of your departure. Make sure that the date and the time are correct. Another important thing that you should check is the terminal designation. Especially if you are flying at a massive airport, it is frustrating to be at the wrong terminal when you are running short of time catching your flight.

Read About the Airport

To prepare for your flight, we also recommend that you research about the airport where you are flying. This makes travel more convenient. Take note of the terminals and boarding gates. Research about restaurants, shops, and lounges. If you are bringing your car, you also have to research about the parking.

Researching about Los Angeles International Airport? Let this infographic help you!

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Mind the Liquids

When it comes to the things to do before your flight, one more thing that you should not forget is to check the liquids you are bringing. Especially for a carry-on, make sure that they do not exceed 100ml. Put the containers in a transparent plastic bag that will be easy to check. Also, be mindful about the items that you are not allowed to bring on your flight.

Make air travel a breeze by taking note of the things mentioned above. From booking a parking slot to packing the liquids properly, these pre-flight hacks will lessen the likelihood that you will suffer from airport nightmares.

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