Rediscover the Magic of Train Travel as You Journey across Europe

November 14, 2016 • Travel

Are you planning a trip across Europe with friends or family? Are you looking for affordable vacation ideas? Fret not! Discovering Europe by rail checks all the right boxes because it is fun, luxurious, and affordable.

Long vacations can be a great way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Relive the magic of slow travel, buy train tickets and immerse yourself in Europe’s breathtaking landscapes. Here are a few things that make trains the choice of conveyance for seasoned travelers:


The romance of meeting strangers

Jesse and Celine (from the movie Before Sunrise) wouldn’t have walked the streets of Vienna, visited local cafes and ultimately fallen in love, if not for their accidental meeting during a train journey from Budapest to Vienna. While we might not all find love, bumping into interesting people is guaranteed on long train journeys! Hopping on a train is a perfect opportunity to ditch your smartphones, meet new people, and gain new experiences.

The thrill of exploring the unknown

Wouldn’t you agree that there is a thrill to spur of the moment travel plans that an itinerary drafted months in advance simply doesn’t have? The freedom to alight at random stations, walk the streets, and explore local museums and parks is something worth experiencing, and you can get to do all of that when you choose to travel by train.


The satisfaction of being eco-friendly

Global warming is real! And every little environment-friendly effort counts. Be a responsible citizen. Travelling by rail is not only feasible, but a better, greener option when compared to air travel. Your carbon footprint is 50% lesser when you take the train instead of an airplane.

The pleasure of saving money

A long trip with a large group of people won’t come cheap. But you can keep it within budget by opting for rail instead of air travel. When you buy rail tickets from International Rail, be assured that you’ll to get the best possible travel deals. For example: A one-way flight ticket from Frankfurt to Vienna costs £190. A train ticket for the same route would cost around £100-140. International Rail also offers various passes that give you even better savings on longer trips, from all access global passes to individual country passes to suit the needs of every astute traveler.
So choose train travel, and start your journey today!

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