Road Trips in Europe

Road trips in europe

March 8, 2018 • Travel

Travelling is a main hobby to a lot of people. People don’t leave their hometown to only relax and fresh-up, but to also experience different lifestyles, meet new cultures and new people and enjoy the things their native country doesn’t have.

Therefore, travelling is not only educational, but adventurous and fun as well! And which continent will offer you more of that than Europe? Travelling through Europe is travelling through beauty, history and culture because of all the historical events and phases the continent was going through. Also, Europeans are very kind and they celebrate a lot of things!

Since your trips can be pretty long, you should keep your safety in mind and visit some of the car-service companies available all around the Europe, such as Kwik Fit for example, that will keep your car technically checked and safe so you can enjoy the ride.

Read on to learn more about the best road trips in Europe!


1.    From Romantic Paris to Glorious Berlin

Beautiful Paris isn’t the only city that will impress you. From there, continue to Germany and visit it’s oldest city, Trier, the place of ancient Roman baths and basilicas that are still standing intact. Then proceed to Riesling, a wine country, Nuremberg and all the way to Leipzig, where you can  learn about Cold War history and enjoy classic music.

Before finally visiting Berlin, go to Dresden first and experience the restored city after the WWII bombing. A week or two should be enough for you to peacefully visit all of this and enjoy Germany and France.


2.    Bucharest to Vienna

Spend a week or two going on a trip from Romania to Austria! Start your route from Bucharest and proceed northward to Transylvania so you can experience the Brain Castle, a castle where Dracula himself was walking.

From there, drive on through beautiful Transfagarasan mountain road and visit the old cities and castles, such as Sibu, Brasov and Sighisoara. Then drive toward Budapest and Bratislava to arrive to beautiful and romantic Vienna.

3.    Sunny Basque

This trip is great for surf lovers! Start from Bilbao where you can enjoy surfing in nearby villages. Road along the Atlantic will lead you to a place of watersports wonderland and food heaven – San Sebastian.

From there, continue to Pamplona and visit the beautiful seaside resort of  St-Jean-de-Luz. Finish your trip with going north to Bordeaux, “the Pearl of the Aquitaine”, and enjoy world-class wines!


4.    Bergen to Trondheim

Norway is the right place for thrill and adventures lovers! Start from Bergen, on the Norway’s southeast coast, and continue to Voss and incredible Tvindefossen waterfall. After that, check out the world’s longest road tunnel, a 24.5km route under the mountains.

Take a ferry across the Sognefjord, go through Fjaller valleys, full of glaciers and snowy mountain peaks, and then visit the waterside towns of Stryn or a village Videster. Continue to towns of Geiranger and form there on, finally visit the thrilling Trollstigen!

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