The ultimate guide to travel the world without money

travel without money

July 31, 2018 • Finance, Travel

Traveling is an activity that is in most people’s bucket lists. We all yearn for experiences such as meeting new people, exploring unique and exciting cultures, and trying out native cuisines. However, one major constraint (or excuse) that bars most people from experiencing these pleasures through travel is money. What if we were to tell you that you don’t actually need to spend a fortune to visit the best holiday destinations? To clear your doubts, here are some practical tips that will get you traveling without money in no time.


1. Work Overseas

You probably can’t afford a trip to your dream destination partly because your job isn’t compensating you well enough. A simple workaround for this setback is to consider exploring other opportunities overseas. You won’t need to quit your job since you will only be doing this to get extra cash to fund your travel plans. There are several part-time jobs that do not need highly specialized skills. For instance, you can be a tour guide if you’re quick with directions. If you have some knowledge of mixing drinks, consider a waiting/waitressing job. You could also go DJing if you are savvy on the decks. Offering diving classes in a distant resort is also a good one, though it may require certification.


2. Work on a Yacht

Working on a yacht is literally like getting paid to sail around the world. Most of the sailing jobs do not require lots of experience. For instance, as a steward/stewardess, your job description will involve cooking, cleaning, and serving guests. Moreover, these jobs are offered in seasonal contracts. Therefore, you can look for one that coincides with your planned holiday dates, after which you can resume your normal job.


3. Volunteer

Myriads of charities, foundations, and organizations accept help from travelers in their various humanitarian causes. Mary’s Meals, through a partnership with the Celtic Football Club Foundation, can set you up for charity work in Africa. Such opportunities offer you free food, transport logistics, and even accommodation throughout the project’s lifetime.


4. Work Exchange

Work exchange refers to an arrangement where you offer your time and skills while traveling for free hosting and other amenities. Hostels, campsites, restaurants, businesses, NGOs and many more often host travelers from different parts of the world through this collaborative arrangement. All you need to do is contact the organization and then plan your trip according to the requirements of their program. You can search online for sites that can help you organize for your work exchange program.


5. Resort Jobs

Another clever way of traveling for free is through resort jobs. Various hotels, theme parks, and beach resorts offer seasonal hospitality jobs for travelers. You will not need any previous experience or qualifications to exploit this opportunity. You just need to apply for such jobs in your desired destination and tweak your travel plans accordingly.

These are just some of the ideas for spicing up your life with regular travel without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these ideas and plan your next holiday today.

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