Tips for Preventing Food Poisoning While Traveling

April 21, 2016 • Travel

Travel is one of the most fun things you can do, so it’s no surprise that we would want to avoid horrible things such as food poisoning while on your special holiday. For many of us who have travelled to exotic destinations, or for a long time, we can recall that one time when our stomach wasn’t happy with what we had an eaten. Food poisoning is uncomfortable, can become quite severe depending on how long it lasts, and can really ruin a holiday. Please use my tips for preventing food poisoning while traveling to ensure you’re as healthy and happy as can be:

Go Where the Locals Go

I have a rule when I travel, that I only like to frequent restaurants that are busy. That’s because if it’s busy, it’s popular, and if it’s popular it’s probably doesn’t have a reputation for ruining stomachs. The is true of traditional restaurants, or street food vendors around the world. If I see a big line, then I have a lot more confidence that I can try the food without thoroughly regretting it in a few hours. Busy restaurants will also have a higher turnover of food production, ensuring that your ingredients are fresher and not sitting around for days before being used.

Eat Hot

Make sure that any food you have ordered is prepared hot to ensure that any of the nasty bugs are killed off. If your food is lukewarm and it should be a hot dish, feel free to send it back or perhaps take your business elsewhere. In developing countries, things such as salads or fresh fruit can be a breeding ground for problems, so eat them cautiously.

Check the Ice

In many parts of Asia, you’ll find that ‘good ice’ comes in round cylinder shapes. It’s important for you to ensure that the ice is made from purified water, not from local tap water if it is not safe for human consumption. Ice is an easy way that issues can creep into your daily intake, so make sure you’re drinking ice that’s properly prepared.

Take a Probiotic

Traveling and changing your diet can be a huge change on your system, as such it’s important to keep the balance of good bacteria in your digestive system. You can easily take a probiotic travelling with you, or if you are unable to find one, consider eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir if you can find it in health food shops.

Avoiding a sore stomach or serious bout of food poisoning will ensure that you’re properly energized and feeling well enough to make the most of your holiday. Hopefully these simple tricks will keep you and your stomach feeling good no matter which countries you’re visiting.

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