Top 3 European Summer Holiday Islands

Holiday Islands

April 20, 2018 • Travel

Summer is getting closer and closer! Depending on the type of vacation you wish to have, sometimes you choose to rest at some awesome, Holiday Islands and enjoy the true rest and sometimes you choose to go wild and spend your days away partying.

So, this is why choosing your perfect location depends on learning about world-wide location you can spend your holiday on. And Europe offers it all : from the luxury places to some cheaper ones. This is important because one of the most influential factors for a lot of tourists is the budget : if you wish to have some unforgettable nights, crewed yacht charters, beach parties, five stars hotels and many more awesome adventure, you will need some extra money. On the other side, if you’re a type of person who’s modest and with different taste, don’t worry, there are a lot of European holiday islands that will meet your needs for the upcoming holiday. Below are the three best summer holiday islands you can find in Europe.

1.    Santorini

Probably everyone has heard about Santorini. It is one of the most popular holiday places in the world and the pearl of Greece with beautiful blue sea water. Santorini represents the symbol for luxury, class, beauty and the overall enjoyment. The whole place is on the cliffs and if you don’t get tired too easily, you can experience some awesome views by climbing up the hill. Santorini requires some extra money, but all the costs pay off once we experience what we bought! Here you can enjoy partying, luxury yachts, museums, going on different tours etc. All of this will surely make your trip unforgettable!

2.    Majorca

Majorca, located in Spain, is the largest holiday island in Balearics. It offers a combination of mountains, nature landscape and beautiful beaches and sea water. If you’re an adventurer, you might be interested in visiting a mountain range, called Serra de Tramuntana. In the center of the island, you can also find some great wineries that you should visit if you love wine. Majorca is recommended to all the travelers that are in love with the nature.

3.    Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese island in Greece in terms of land area. This beautiful medieval place has miles of beaches, eight sunny months per year and mountain landscape inside itself. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Greece, because about two million tourists per year come here to enjoy the sea, beaches, nature and culture. Beside this, here you can try horseback riding tours, water sports, boat tours, wildlife tours etc. If you have the adventurer spirit, definitely check this place out!

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