Top 3 Motorcycling Roads In Europe


July 6, 2018 • Travel

Motorcycling is one of those activities that can both be adventurous and relaxing. And as time passed by, big motorbikes together with beard and muscles have become a symbol for toughness, strength and bravery. The fashion world was also inspired by this, so we got motorcycle jackets for men that would make you look cool once you put it on. People who love this type of rides are attracted to it because motorbikes give them more freedom and a more adventurous, stronger feeling during the ride, compared to the cars for example.

During the rides, safety should always be a number one priority, so choose the right gear before starting your trip. After you decide for how long you’ll be riding and choose a casual or one of the all season jackets, check the safety equipment and the functionality of your motorbike. Here are the top 3 motorcycling roads you can visit in Europe.

1.    The Cat And Fiddle

The Cat and Fiddle is a pretty dangerous and full of tight corners 11km long road in England . Best reminder of safety is the fact that the speed is limited to 50mph. But, if you’re careful, you’ll enjoy the ride and return again, like many motorcyclist do. The road is surrounded by hills, so the great view is guaranteed. Cat and Fiddle ends with a same named pub where you can drink coffee and talk to other bikers. Who knows, maybe you’ll even fall in love with some girl there that shares your interest and looks tough and dangerous in a ladies motorcycle jacket!

2.    Bergen To Geiranger

Going north out of Bergen will take you to this beautiful Norwegian road that escorts you across numerous fjords, surrounded by glacial valleys which promise an amazing view. Ride through Snognefjorden, Norway’s largest fjord, and continue past the glaciers and long tunnels until you arrive at Geirangerfjord, a huge fjord. This route will be quickly memorized by every biker because of the gorgeous landscape and nature that you can see and feel as well if you turn on the engine and visit Norway.

3.    Cabo De Gata To Granada

This Spanish road is about 130 miles long and the interesting thing is that the climate varies and many different types of landscapes change one by one as we’re heading from the begging to the end of the road. You can see volcano cliffs of Cabo de Gata, fields and foothills. Above the road, on the hilltops, there are Moorish villages. If you love astonishing views, you can ride to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, 3,000 meters high, and take a look down.

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